Er. Kunal N Darade Secretary
Engineering College
Dr.Gajanan K.Kharate Principal
Engineering College


 Institute reflects  the  uniqueness  of  the traditional  land-grant  institution  combining  teaching,  research,  service and overall development of student. We offer bachelors , masters, and doctoral level degrees that  are  compatible  with  the  times  to  all  qualified  and  capable  individuals  who  are interested  in  further  developing  their  technical,  scientific,  professional,  and  scholastic  skills and competencies. We provide  an  educational  environment  for  the  emergence  of  scholars,  scientists,  leaders,  critical  thinkers,  and  other  contributors  to  a  global  society.

We are committed to:

(1) Excellence in education and the creation of a scholarly environment in which inquiring and discriminating minds are nourished;

(2) Education of students for effective participation in local, state, regional, national, and international societies;

(3) search for new knowledge through research and its applications;

(4) Provision of including topics out of syllabus boundaries designed to meet changing needs of the larger technical domain. 

(5) Program of Earn and Learn to address adequately the needs and problems of capable students who have experienced limited access to education; and  NSS program to extend the services to the society.

(6)  Integration of state–of-the-art technology in all aspects of Students with the state-of-art laboratories.

For classroom experience to be effective, it should represent a partnership between student and instructor. Each faculty member, in conducting classes, exhibit  high  standards  of  professional  behavior,  through  knowledge,  personal integrity  and  enthusiasm  for  the  profession  of  teaching. More specifically, each faculty has a responsibility to students to:

1.Provide,  at  the  first meeting  of  class,  a  clear  statement  of  specific  course objectives and the manner in which they are to be attained.

2. Clearly identify and explain evaluation and grading procedures, including:

    a. The schedule for examinations.

    b. Grading system and method of determining the final grade.

  3.  Exercise care in the organization and presentation of all materials to attain the stated instructional objectives.

  4.  Utilize the allotted time efficiently, maintaining course integrity.

  5.   Arrive promptly at all scheduled classes. If absence is anticipated the class should be informed in advance of arrangements.

    6.   Grade and return examinations within a reasonable period of time.

   7.  Faculty  takes  students  off-campus  on  field  trips    for  any  academically oriented purpose .

    The  Academic  Advising  Program  facilitates  the  planning  for  successful  educational  goals  which  contribute  to student  success , assisted  in  setting  and  meeting  their educational  goals,  help  students  make  optimal  career  choices through the  training and placement  Services.

The specific objectives of the teacher guardian are as follows:

1.  To assist students in developing educational programs which are consistent with their academic skills, interests and career goals;

    2.  To  help  students  become  knowledgeable  of  the  educational  requirements,  policies  and  procedures,  and  regulations  of  the University;

    3.  To assist students in minimizing academic frustrations by providing orientation to college life activities;

    4.  To  aid  students  in  a  periodic  evaluation  of  their  progress  toward achievement of educational goals; and

    5.  To  assist  students  in  the  completion  of  requirements  for  entry  into degree-granting programs of their choice.



·         Library resources are adequate and up-to-date for each of the areas of specialization offered. Faculty and students are aware of and use the resources of the library.

·         Adequate provision is made for student follow-up.   Student self-appraisal are encouraged and guided.   Provision are made for student pre-professional involvement, address the needs of students at all points on the educational ladder (remedial, average, and excellent).

·         Student clubs are formed for each department. Under the student organization students are arranging the various technical events like expert lectures, exhibitions, paper presentation and many more. Also they arrange co-curricular activities like group discussion, Debate, Quiz, career development program for   overall development of students.

·         We provide Tutor scheme for Academic  Advice as it  is  highly  essential  to  the  accomplishment  of  the  mission.  Every student has the  benefit  of  a  continuous  program  of  personalized  academic  advice by  a qualified faculty member. All faculty members share in the responsibility of providing advice and guidance to students on an individual basis as assigned.  Institute always  insure  that  each  student  is  assigned  a  faculty  advisor .

·         Along with the course we teach to the SE &TE students one subject other than curriculum in each semester for improving their skills to be fit in industries. For BE students special training and placement programs conducted in campus throughout the academic year.

·          We evaluate the students by continuous assessment throughout the semester with monthly test, practical performance and skills, regularity and presentations.

·         To improve academic performance of individual faculty mid-semester feedback forms are filled by students and evaluated by the respective heads.

·         Faculty development programs are arranged yearly for motivation and enhancing the technical and teaching skills.


·         At the start of semester clear statement of specific course objectives and the manner in which they are to be attained is specified to the students. Clearly identify and explain evaluation and grading procedures, including: The schedule for examinations.   Grading system and method of determining the final grade. 


·         Internal evaluation of Post Graduate students is done with the help of internal test, seminars, presentations, assignments, software skills paper published and conferences and seminars, STTP attained by them.

·         Beside academics various courses and seminars are arranged for PG students for inculcating the research orientation in them.

·         All PG projects are extension of paper published in reputed journals.