Er. Kunal N Darade Secretary
Engineering College
Dr.Gajanan K.Kharate Principal
Engineering College

Vision and Mission


Providing state-of-the-art technical education, to prepare globally competent and ethically strong Civil Engineering professionals with contemporary knowledge and managerial skills to serve the society at large.


  1. To impart the quality education and enhance skills for developing globally competent civil professionals.
  2. To provide state-of-the-art facilities and opportunities to create, interpret, apply and disseminate knowledge.
  3. To motivate the students and faculty for imbibing morality and values through ethical practices.
  4. To impart contemporary knowledge through social interaction.
  5. To enhance managerial skills through continuous training.

Program Education Objectives

I) To ensure that graduates will have a mastery of fundamental knowledge, problem solving skills, engineering experimental abilities, and design capabilities necessary for entering civil engineering career.

II) To produce graduates that have the knowledge and skills necessary for identifying and assessing design alternatives and the related social, economic, environmental and public safety impacts.

III) To produce graduates who have verbal and written communication skills necessary for successful professional practice and understanding of management principles.

IV) To prepare graduates to function effectively on teams.

V) To prepare graduates to deal with ethical and professional issues, taking into account the broader societal implications of civil engineering.

VI) To prepare graduates for professional licensure, leadership roles and life-long learning