Er. Kunal N Darade Secretary
Engineering College
Dr.Gajanan K.Kharate Principal
Engineering College

Computer Department

Computer Engineering Department is established in year 2008 with undergraduate course in Bachelor of Computer Engineering with intake of 60. Currently along with graduate course, masters program (ME Computer Engineering) and PhD programs are run by the department. The department has team of qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teachers who along with imparting knowledge, mentor students for their overall development. With several well equipped laboratories in place, the Department maintains a balanced emphasis on imparting concepts and skills and on teaching activities, research work and industrial consultancy. It is remarkable that the number of staff and student’s publications as well as projects carried out jointly with industry and other academic institutions have increased significantly over the years.


Prof. Dr. V. H. Patil

Department understands the importance of being pro-active. The students club named “Pinnacle Club” is a platform for students for running various activities and to show their talent. The students are motivated to organize and manage co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Various activities run include expert talks, technical events, contests, seminars, workshop, industry visits, social visits, trips etc. Participation and organization of these events cultivates in them the leadership skills, develops team spirit and co-operative nature through which the students learn many aspects of management which may be difficult to stimulate within the confines of the classrooms. Student participation in various events at inter-college and state level events is noticeable and have won prizes at many levels.

Professor Dr. V. H. Patil is working as a Vice-Principal, Dean (Academic) of the institute and Head of Computer Engineering department. She is working in teaching profession since August 1990. She is one of the renowned academicians who have developed herself to be wealth of experience in education and academic administration. She is recipient of various honors & awards. She is life member of various professional bodies. She is author of 2 books in the areas of Discrete Mathematics, and Data Structures published by McGraw Hill and Oxford University Press resp. She has around 50 national and international Papers to her credit published at various Conferences & Journals. She is serving as session chair and reviewer for various national and international conferences and journals. She is Member of Board of Studies, Computer Engineering and Computer Science of University of Pune.