Er. Kunal N Darade Secretary
Engineering College
Dr.Gajanan K.Kharate Principal
Engineering College

Student Club

Pinnacle Club

Department understands the importance of being pro-active. The students club named “Pinnacle Club” is a platform for students for running various activities and to show their talent. Pinnacle club is of the students, run by the students for the benefits of students. Every Student admitted in second year becomes member of this club.

This student club was established on an auspicious occasion of “Gudi Padawa” on 4rth March 2010.

The objective behind establishing this Pinnacle club is to motivate students to increase interaction among students for organizing and manage co-curricular and extracurricular events. Various activities run include expert talks, technical events, contests, seminars, workshop, industry visits, social visits, trips etc. Participation and organization of these events cultivates in them the leadership skills, develops team spirit and co-operative nature through which the students learn many aspects of management which may be difficult to stimulate within the confines of the classrooms.

The Club constitutes of following student members:


    President  01 (preferably from T. E.)


    Vice President  01 (preferably from T. E.)


    Secretary  01 (preferably from T. E.)


    Treasurer  01 (preferably from S. E.)


    Committee members  10 (preferably from S. E.)


    Faculty coordinator(s)  02


Students Committee is reformed every year.

The working of the club would be governed by staff committee known as ‘governing body’ that constitutes-




      Er. Kunal Darade (Secretary of Society)


      Dr. Gk. K. Kharate (Principal )


    Chairman – Dr. Varsha Patil (Head of the Department)


    Treasurer - Mr. Ranjeet Gavande


Treasurer and Club coordinator are appointed by governing body to facilitate smooth functioning of the club. Tenure of club coordinator would be of two years.

The Committee for Year 2013-14

Club Faculty Co-ordinators:


    Mr. Ranjit Gawande


Student Committee Members:-

President: - Ms Aparna Pulate

Vice President: - Mr. Ajinkya Pawar

Treasurer: - Ms. Aparna Jagatap

Secretary: - Mr.Ganesh Dawange

Chief Editor:- Mr. Mohan Tikande

Cranium: Ajinkya Pawar

Members of Committee:-

1. Akansha Kulkarni

10. Yash Jeurkar

2. Yogita Labhane

11. Tushar Mahajan

3. Savita Shinde

12. Dyaneshwar Chavan

4. Dipali shinde

13.Sonali gotraj

5. Trisha Gauri

14. Sanjay Shelke

6. Jagruti Chaudhari

15. Pratik Sangale

7. Pooja Giri

16. Ganesh Dawange

8. Kaveri Gaidhani

17. Pooja Kadam

9. Faizan Sayyed

18. Pooja Kotwal

The Events for Year 2013-14

Sr. No


Resource Person/ Chief Guest



Re-Inauguration of Pinnacle Club

Prof. U. P.Naik



Teachers Day Celebration




Guest Lecture on Mobile Computing for BE Comp students

Mrs.Jawale Ma’am



Expert Talk on DOS by

Mr. Piyush Chandwadkar



Expert Talk on Exploring Oracle DB Architecture by

Mr. Rahul Pawar



Expert Talk on How to crack a Job Interview

Mr. Kunal Desale ,Mr.Milind Bhadane & Mr.Machindra Zankar



Guest Lecture on OSA for SE Comp Students by

Mr. Piyush Chandwadkar



Guest Seminar On “Overview of Hadoop Technology”

Mr. Shrikant awande(Cognizent Mumbai)



Two days workshop on NNSC


ACM Delhi and CISCO

7/2/14, 8/2/14


Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit to Sarda Farms



Orion 14

Project Contest

11 & 12th Feb