Er. Kunal N Darade Secretary
Engineering College
Dr.Gajanan K.Kharate Principal
Engineering College

Research Center

Research, innovation, and productive engineering are the only foundation of economic growth. It is evident that over the few decades an explosive growth in engineering technology has drastically altered our society. No other discipline has had such an impact and, although it is not always obvious, our society has become totally dependent on the products that Electronics and Computer Engineering has produced. It is also well established that this decade will be evidence of drastic change in technology due to research and innovation in many areas, such as communications, biomedical care, hand held products, energy supply, auto motorization and automation.

In the era of such advance technology, we have to inculcate and enhance research capability of our engineering students to face the global challenges ahead of the technology. We feel that research approach in Engineering Education will also help us in improving the quality of technical education. With this view, Matoshri College of Engineering and Research Centre started Ph.D courses in Electronics and Telecommunication and Computer Engineering in 2012. Faculty members from our institute are also motivated for research work to strengthen their knowledge and to bridge the gap between modern technology and academics. Different researchers from Pune University are affiliated to the research center to guide the Ph.D students.



Research Activities:


To enhance the research capability of Ph. D and PG students College has organized following Seminar and Workshops.


  • One Week Workshop on “Research Methodology” on 18th - 24th June 2013


  • Three days Workshop on “Design with Cadence Tool” in association with Entuple Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore on 4-6th 2013.


  • One week course on “Research Opportunities in VLSI Design” on 11-17th 2013.

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