Er. Kunal N Darade Secretary
Engineering College
Dr.Gajanan K.Kharate Principal
Engineering College

Student Club


ACUMEN club formed in the year 2014 by students of the Department of Information Technology  on the Teacher’s Day occasion under the guidance of Prof. N. L. Bhale head of Information Technology Department. The ceremony was  graced by  honorable Principal, Dr. G K Kharate. 

ACUMEN club consists of a committee which is headed by President and vice president along with two members from every division. The president and vice president are strictly taken from Third Year (T.E) only.

Members are selected by a polling method in the presence of Staff club Coordinator ,other staff , all students from S.E, T.E, B.E participate. This club is for the students formed by the students. From these members president and vice president is elected by taking voting.

Under ACUMEN there are a variety of activities organized by the students for the students. The activities include technical and non technical seminars, competitions, workshops as well as occasional functions like Teacher's Day,Engineer's Day celebrations organized by ACUMEN club members.

  1. Acumen Club Governing body 2017-2018
  2. Acumen Club Governing body 2018-2019
  3. Acumen Club Governing body 2019-2020